Attachment Based Therapy

Attachment in the world of psychotherapy refers to one’s knowledge and experiences with intimacy or bonding relationships. Quality of attachment experiences can best be categorized as follows:

  • secure
  • insecure
  • ambivalent
  • detached

Disruptions can occur in multiple contexts:

  • developmental delays
  • unexpected life stage changes
  • trauma
  • cultural/social norms

Attachment Issues in relationships can be experienced in multiple ways:

  • Difficulty attending to social relationships
  • Difficulty with intimacy or touch
  • Difficulty feeling one’s feelings deeply
  • Difficulty empathizing with others thoughts or feelings
  • Difficulty with body awareness
  • Difficulty with experiencing soothing

Sensorimotor Treatment with use of Experiential Therapies (i.e. Art Therapy/Neurofeedback/EMDR) can help in the following ways:

  • Increase ability to self sooth
  • Increase ability to self-regulate
  • Increased ability to empathize
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased mind/body self-acceptance