A Neuro-Developmental Sensory Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Congratulations!  Making a decision to receive therapy is the beginning to the best health that is YOU possible.   It is important to feel safe, connected and understood.  Therapy is meant to be a collaborative process, where you are able to move at your pace, and at the same time develop an understanding about your troubles.  Therapy can be part talking, part listening, and part teaching.  I provide services to individuals, and families.  My intention is to be that partner in treatment so that you are comfortable talking about issues you are ready to discuss.   My style uses science, art, mindfulness and experiential methods so that you become aware of solutions that work for you.

Individuals who benefit from my service may initially feel disconnected with their bodies even as their minds appear logical.  There may be occasions that emotions can be overwhelming that lead to a body reacting uncomfortably such as a panic attack or craving for sugar. As the body and mind are not cooperating together, the lack of understanding can lead to decisions that make the problem even worst. At times the body may show distress through lack of sleep or tension levels that lead to headaches or migraines.  As we work together to understand the underlying cause of what started what, the end result inevitably leads to a better way of coping through the situation, and a better mind and body connection.

Intimacy and empathy are valuable components of close relationships and yet if emotions are hard to feel or tolerate then sharing feelings and closeness can be illusive.  My style of developing sensory awareness and mindfulness strategies can support neuropathways that were missed in early life experiences.  "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it!"   What do you imagine your NEW normal can be?

I invite you to explore the different tabs and learn more about the services I provide to see if my services match your needs. The large majority of individuals who come for their first appointment tell me that they learn a great deal of information about themselves, obtain tremendous insight about the causes of their current problems.  In addition to daytime hours all week through Saturday, I offer evening hours.  Please call or use the "Contact" tab to ask questions or request an appointment.  I offer a free consultation by phone before a schedule of a first appointment.  



Therapist speaking with patient